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Spacedecode is an end-to-end platform that allows developers / teams to build and continuously deploy software (automatically) without setting up servers.

Getting Started

Reuse code

Spacedecode introduces the concept of recipes allowing you to save instances of your work for later use. You can share your recipes with the community publicly, with your team or even friends. This helps saves time and accelerates the development of new software.

Version control infrastructure

Spacedecode doesn't just allow you to version control your code; but your infrastructure too. This records the entire history of your application (including the environment it runs in), allowing you to restore your entire infrastructure to a particular point in history when needed.

Automate deployments

Tell Spacedecode where you want to deploy your application, and it will deploy it for you. And every time you push new changes to your project environment, Spacedecode will update the servers running that application. Only SSH into a server if you just want to, not because you have to.

Squash bugs, and get stuff done

With an integrated issue tracker, allow people to report bugs and use milestones to let people know what you are currently working on and how far you are to completion. Use custom labels to categorise issues for knowledge management and efficient communication.

Work together

Spacedecode was designed to maximise productivity by reducing friction between role-players during the software development process. It enables you to setup organisations, teams and permissions ensuring that people deliver their best.

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